Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Scott Lowe. I am a novice fisherman who has fallen in love with fly fishing.  It has helped me in many aspects of my life. The solitude and the comradery, the relaxation and the intellectual challenge, the connection with nature and the fun associated with gear, and the connection and sense of community with people drawn to the sport.  The dichotomy of the benefits help me to see more beauty in life. I wanted to write this blog to share my experiences on my journey.  

I have a desire to be the best father, husband and leader I can be and I place a tremendous amount of pressure on myself.  At different times in my life that pressure has become overwhelming and has resulted in physical ailments and slips into feeling down on myself and withdrawing from my relationships.  I’ve been told at certain points in my life that I have not smiled enough and have looked burdened. Through self reflection, learning, coaching, therapy, a commitment to improving my communication and finding a connection to fly fishing I continue to grow and find ways to find more joy in my life.  

My professional background is in environmental science.  I have been trained as a fluvial geomorphologist. Fluvial Geomorphology is the study and understanding of the shapes of river channels, water and sediment transport processes, and the landforms created from those interactions.  I have also been educated in aquatic entomology and water quality assessments. So my background is also strongly connected to rivers and streams. Working with water is a huge part of my life. I may work some nerdy concepts into some of my blogs, because I am a stream nerd.         

In my personal life, I am a son, brother, friend, husband, father, and step father. I am generally quiet and reserved, but I have my moments of irreverence and silliness.  I cherish my relationships and also enjoy being by myself on occasion. I like the outdoors, sports, art, music and an occasional Irish whiskey.