One step on the wrong spot on the boulder was all it took. My left foot slipped off the boulder and my weight was completely off balance. My head and torso went forward and my legs backwards. Horizontal in the air and I’m no superman. I knew the landing would not be graceful and was likely going to be painful, and it was. My hands didn’t brace me enough and I landed hard on the boulder, striking my shoulder, left forearm and the right side of my face with force.

I laid there silently, with my feet and left hand dangling in the water, trying to take inventory of the pains in my body and trying to catch my breath. 

“You ok?” My son was a few steps behind me, I could hear his breathing and concern. “You ok?” he repeated. 

“I think so.” I moved my hands to the boulder and pushed myself up, turning my torso to sit up on the rock. My right hand reached to my cheek, exploring for blood or areas sensitive to touch. No blood, but it hurt. Felt like when I caught a strong hook or kick to the face in kickboxing, Thankfully my head was clear and I wasn’t hurt badly, just shook up and slightly embarrassed. A scary moment turned out to be just an embarrassing one.

Halloween is the day of tricks and treats, a commercial celebration for a holiday intended to remember the dead, especially saints, who are also referred to as “hallows”. The holiday is largely celebrated by scary decorations and costumes, and the season of the horror movie. 

Fly Fishing has its costumes, with the waders, vests, and hip packs. It also has some scary moments. So tis the season. I wanted to take this blog to celebrate a Fly Fishing Halloween Scary Story.  

Other scary moments from myself and fishing friends include stumbling upon copperheads and rattlesnakes, being surprised by beaver, herons, and eagles, and falling in the dark. People have waded into unsafe waters and needed to be rescued or go for a swim. Thankfully injuries of people I know have all been recoverable, and they have lived to tell the stories. But life threatening situations can happen, especially out west with Grizzly Bears and other dangerous weather and animal situations. Happy Halloween! Stay safe and keep mending.  

Do you have a scary story to share? Do you have any Saints to remember?

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