As many of us sit and watch the big game this weekend, we will be watching the ultimate in football competition and the ultimate experience for the players. Players have spent their lives training, practicing, and competing to reach the Super Bowl. There is competitive fly fishing, complete with regional, national, and international championships each year. However, this year offers a unique experience that all the anglers can participate in that has potential to produce some highlight moments. Brood X

Every seventeen years Cicadas emerge from the ground in late spring, make a whole lotta racket, lay some eggs, and die. They cover trees, cars, and yards, and you find the exoskeletons attached to surfaces all around your house. And fish eat them, gorging themselves on them. 

In May, the Cicadas in northern Maryland and south central Pennsylvania will emerge and hopefully the fishing in the streams where I fish will be spectacular. Cicadas have been a topic of conversation at the Trout Unlimited meetings and at the TCO fly shop this weekend. George Daniels posted a great video on different flies that can be used during the Cicada period. 

Over the course of the last couple weeks, I have struggled with some things. I was excited by the snow and have enjoyed time with my family and out fishing. However, my mindset has suffered between stress at work with different presentations, proposals, and lack of workload. Earlier in my life, I tried to compartmentalize stresses in different parts of my life. I found that led me to higher stress and higher tendencies for feeling depressed. Mending my life together and breaking down those compartments has led me to a fuller life. Times when many negative or stressful elements stack up are tough, but I have found ways to change my perspective. 

One way I have found to change my perspective is through appreciation. Appreciation of the many things I am fortunate to have in my life helps me change my perspective. Enjoying time with my family and enjoying time outdoors helps to improve my mindset. Finding things to look forward to and prepare for also helps me stay in a positive mindset.     

I was able to fish this weekend and enjoyed my time on the river. Three small brown trout and one holdover rainbow picked me up after getting skunked two weeks ago at the Tully. On the way home I stopped at TCO to get some more supplies for tying some Cicada flies. Speaking to the shop employees, my excitement built for the upcoming Brood X. Tying some of the sunken Cicada and dry fly Cicada patterns today, I was looking forward to the rise of a large trout and the memories soon to be created. 

Even if we never were the star of the football team that leads the team to the Super Bowl, we can each have moments we prepare for, look forward to, and enjoy. When tough and stressful moments are stacking up in front of me, it helps improve my perspective to start preparing for my next Big Game.  

George Daniel’s Sunken Cicada

2 Replies to “The Big Game”

  1. Never thought of the cicada as a fishing influence! I do remember they came out the year/season when Steph was born. They were all over the place in Towson!
    Partly because the ground had not been disturbed over the years!
    Absolutely, looking forward to something is huge! No matter how small! Goodness, we have lots to look forward to when we can gather again!
    Looking forward to seeing you and your super family soon!

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